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Zone Technique in Tyler

zone technique

After more than a decade of offering chiropractic care in Tyler, in October of 2019 I found a new and powerful healing technique to better serve my patients.

The Zone Technique, developed by Dr. Pete Goldman, ultimately balances the body allowing patients to achieve complete zone health for optimal function and quality of life.

Dr. Pete’s Zone School of Healing teaches practitioners to have a better report with the patients by developing trust, which is an important aspect of chiropractic care.

I decided to join its mastermind group and leveled up to the title of “advanced zone technique practitioner.”

I incorporated the Zone Technique, which has proved to be a life-altering method, into my practice the first day I joined. What’s great is that it fits in perfectly with the way I already practice. The Zone Technique uses specific points in the back of the head that relate to the six different zones in the body: glandular, eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular, and circulatory systems.

Since it focuses on different areas that all relate to the body and mind I can use it on patients of any age and receive great results. For example, I can see a 5-year-old patient with constipation and know I need to focus on clearing Zone 4 (digestive) or a 90-year-old with a twisted ankle and know I’ll be working with Zone 5 (muscular).

The Zone Technique teaches practitioners a lot about healing principles that most other techniques don’t teach you.

The method lets me know why the adjustment works and how the healing is done. I also have a better understanding of the healing principles, in general.

What the Zone Technique does is create balance in the body. It’s done through stimulation of the spinal cord and communicates with the brain center of that system so the patient can ultimately achieve perfect health.

The Zone Technique doesn’t just focus on the neck and back, with this method we treat the whole body.

When I’m working with patients I explain to them what I’m doing-from removing interference to stimulating the spinal cord and balancing out the body.

Once they understand how the technique works, patients become fascinated with the process of the Zone Technique, which helps tremendously during sessions. Healing becomes a reality. Before using this technique patients would just have to trust that the adjustment would work, but now they feel the difference before and after a session.

The Zone Technique has helped me achieve better and faster results. Implementing it within my practice has brought every level of my clinic as well as me personally to another level. It has completely increased my confidence level.

If you’re in pain and have tried other methods but nothing is working, come in for a consultation. The techniques I’ve learned and continue to practice have transformed patient’s lives and yours could be next.

Let us diagnose the source of your pain and offer chiropractic services that can get you back on your feet and into your life.

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