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Importance of Chiropractic

What do you do when your internal check engine light comes on? Do you ignore it and hope it will go away or figure out how to fix the problem?

Pain in the body should never be ignored. It’s a red flag from your body letting you know that something is wrong. Chiropractic treatment is used globally by various kinds of practitioners to determine if a patient has interference in their spine.

If any is found, it’s corrected and removed using precise adjustment to the nerve without using medicine or surgery, allowing the body to heal on its own. The human body is a team working in tandem with the nervous system, while the brain acts as the computer sending important signals through nerves to our organs. When the signal doesn’t reach its destination, illness or pain can begin. An interference is caused by pressure on the nerve, which can manifest anywhere in the body from the spine.

Many people use comprehensive chiropractic care to restore overall health and well-being to create optimal quality of life. I see patients for common, everyday issues when they cannot be resolved at home. Patients don’t always realize that everyday stresses of life can physically manifest within the body. They’re often surprised to find out physical ailments are directly connected to emotion, especially when they’ve already been to every single doctor searching for a solution.

For example, I had a patient come in recently with low back pain and constipation, having no idea the two were related to each other. I asked about her digestive issues. Often when people become stressed they’re digestive system gets unbalanced, causing constipation.

In this case the woman had a brother who passed away the week before. Naturally, she became overwhelmed with emotion. After a few visits discussing her brother’s death her digestive returned to its proper working state.

It’s common that our body suffers blockages because of the emotional state we’re in. Getting personal with patients is a way for me to understand what happened recently that could contribute to any issues or pain they’re experiencing.

In another more serious case, an adolescent girl came into my office suffering from facial paralysis. Understanding the condition manifested recently, I asked her to tell me about what was happening in her life. It turns out that the stress surrounding her overpowering desire to return to school once it reopened and her mother’s decision to keep her home, had consumed the girl, numbing her lips and face.

During a two-visit period I worked on balancing her nervous system using the Zone Technique, which I offer as part of my practice. After talking about the situation, she was able to calm down enough for her facial structure to return 100 percent. Emotions such as fear, anger, worry and jealousy can cause pain and conditions that negatively affect the body’s six systems.

While general chiropractic care helps remove the physical pain, it also removes it from their subconscious and helps them heal emotionally.

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